Arista Investment Advisors, Ltd 

Professional Partner

Arista Investment Advisors, Ltd., is a fee-only, independent financial planning firm, focused on helping individuals, families, business owners and foundations nationwide create vision and balance in their personal relationships with money. Our services—including financial planning, investment consulting, portfolio design and management, insurance planning, and estate planning—are based on a values-oriented philosophy and are designed to align each client’s personal values and principles with his or her financial goals, and to help manage the financial environment of every client to support the life they want to live, and the kind of world they want to live in.

Strong personal relationships serve as our firm’s foundation. We work with clients nationwide from our offices in Honolulu, Hawaii, and Albany, New York. We travel extensively to meet with many of our clients face-to-face, always taking the time and attention to develop human interaction, focus on understanding the changing needs and goals of each individual, and work together to reap the rewards of a values-centered approach to sustainable investing.