Open an Endowed Organizational Fund here


Instructions (please read before starting):  


1) Complete Triskeles Foundation Endowed Organizational Fund Agreement

2) Fund the Endowed Fund

3) Sign the Endowed Fund agreement


All 3 steps can be easily completed online, starting on the form below.


OR, you may PRINT a paper agreement and mail in your completed agreement along with your initial deposit.  To print a paper agreement, please click here.


FOR ONLINE SUBMISSION: please complete the TF Endowed Organizational Fund Agreement below. Instructions for completing each section are embedded within the agreement for your reference.  If choosing to fund the Endowed Organizational Fund via credit or debit card, you will be given the option to immediately fund your new Endowed Organizational Fund within the online agreement.  If choosing to fund via an alternative method (i.e. check/wire/stock transfer), instructions for initiation of the transfer are provided within the online agreement.  


The 3rd and final step will be signing the Endowed Organizational Fund.  As soon as you press "submit" at the end of the correctly completed online agreement, an email will be sent to the email address provided by you within the application.  That email will contain a copy of your Endowed Organizational Fund which must be electronically signed and submitted. Simple instructions are included.


PLEASE NOTE: we must receive your completed Endowed Organizational Fund Agreement, you must fund the account, and you must sign the Endowed Organizational Fund before the Endowed Organizational Fund will be opened and established.

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