Equileap Project Fund

Researching & Ranking US Companies On Gender Equality

Equileap's overall aim is to accelerate gender equality in the workplace as a powerful and under-used way of tackling poverty and inequality.  There is progress to be made on this in every country globally, and almost every woman in the world is impacted by it.

Equileap's mission is to accelerate progress towards gender equality in the workplace.  We use 3 strategies to achieve this:

1) Encourage private and instituational investors to diversity their portfolios with gender-lens investing

2) Provide key information and transparency on gender equality in the workforce and incease overall public awareness

3) Create a new sustainable source of funding to tackle the root causes of gender inequality in the economy

Equileap's approach differs from conventional civil society strategy- it uses the power of financial markets and investments in companies to create progressive change for gender equality, and a sustainable sources of funding for projects working to break the structural economic exclusion women face.

The vital tools that form the basis of this model have been created by Equileap over the past 2 years.  They are:

  • A unique Gender Scorecard which measures 19 points of gender balance and equality within any kind of organization, from the board room to the supply chain.

  • An extensive Database of in-depth gender equality data from companies and other organizations. 

These enable Equileap to be a one-of-a-kind global resource of information and research on gender equity within organizations - small and large, located anywhere in the world.  

A range of evidence from the past decade from Credit Suisse, McKinsey, the Peterson Institute and others, suggests that companies with a good balance tend to perform above trend and are less risky than those that lack gender diversity.  This enables Equileap to use it data as the basis for investment products, to influence the financial industry and ratings agencies and to create new tools for the Gender Lens Investing movement.

In 2017, Equileap ranked over 3000 large public companies from around the world on their gender equity performance.  This data forms the basis of the first Equileap Gender Equality Global Report and Ranking of the Top 200 companies.  This Report and Ranking will be published annually. We have also created individual company reports for the Top 200 companies making the most progress toward gender equality globally.


US companies do not perform well, comparatively, in Equileap's Gender Equality Global Report and Ranking 2017. Only 2% of eligible US companies reached the Equileap Top 200 Ranking, published April, compared to 58% of Norwegian companies, 35% of Dutch companies and 28% of UK companies.  The highest scoring US company (Merck and Co) was at 18th place overall, scoring a B- grade (20 points out of total of 35). US companies and the US economy overall stand to gain a great deal from the gender dividend.

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