For Attorneys, Accountants and Other Professional Advisors

Sometimes the Best solution is the Simplest one

As a professional advisor you know what’s most important for your clients. 


The transactional implementation of your recommendations should

be easy for you and your clients.

The Triskeles Foundation can provide for you a turnkey and effective partnership to establish a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) for personal clients, corporate philanthropic structures or mission related investments for nonprofits.

The Triskeles Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public foundation that encourages and supports charitable giving through our national Donor Advised Fund and other philanthropic services.


Our highly customized approach allows clients to align their investments with their philanthropic values. This thematic interest of ours is unique in the industry. Our strategy emphasizes socially responsible and impact investments with the client’s philanthropic interests at heart.

While you remain the client’s trusted advisor, Triskeles Foundation provides the charitable giving structure, operational administration and client interaction on your terms.

  • Highly flexible approach to investing and low account minimums

  • Partner with an organization who’s “DNA” includes socially responsible/impact investing

  • Potentially develop an enhanced and more personal relationship with your client(s) while being an active participant in their philanthropic strategy

  • Offer a new or improved service to your customers

  • Pay no new administrative costs

  • Efficient grant making process

Advantages when partnering with Triskeles Foundation:

Philanthropic Discussion Opportunities:

  • Annual reviews and new client meetings

  • Liquidity events

  • Appreciated securities or new tax considerations

  • Retail and corporate clients considering starting a foundation

  • Legacy building and estate planning conversations

  • Millennial  generation engagement

  • Wealth distribution discussions

In addition to individual accounts, we can help with business/corporate and nonprofit/endowment clients. Contact us to see how we can help you create corporate philanthropic structures and mission related investment accounts.

Individual, business, and nonprofit

Why Now?

  • Contributions to DAF’s have recently seen continued annual double digit growth equating to approximately $79 billion.  Further, it’s estimated that over $40 trillion will pass on to the next generation.

  • Being part of the legacy, estate, wealth, or philanthropic planning process now can help enhance relationships with all generations.

  • To partner with us or to learn more, please contact us at 610-321-9876

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