Business and Corporate Giving

Partnering with Triskeles Foundation to efficiently manage your organization's philanthropic endeavors negates the need for a stand-alone corporate foundation. Triskeles Foundation streamlines your processes, reduces your administrative burdens and provides local and global reach to the causes that your organization cares about.


Working with Triskeles Foundation can also impact your bottom line by reducing the costs to manage the legal and tax ramifications inherent in establishing a foundation. 



Through a customized approach, Triskeles Foundation can integrate your business values into an effective and efficient giving program:

Realize an immediate tax benefit

Why should you establish a business Donor Advised Fund (DAF) with

Triskeles Foundation:

How to establish a business DAF with Triskeles Foundation:
  • Work with Triskeles staff to align corporate values with socially responsible practices and identify your goals

  • Consult with Triskeles to determine funding recommendations

  • Complete the easy application