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Simple Charitable Giving

Big Impact

Simple Charitable Giving

Big Impact

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Make a


donation, then

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Make a values-aligned/ 
impact investment,


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gifts to charities

you care about.

Through our donor advised funds you can:

Personal Philanthropy


A donor advised fund is a flexible charitable giving vehicle that enables a donor to maximize tax benefits while simplifying their giving .

Our Donor Advised Funds (DAF) provide a double impact solution to support a donors’ charitable interests combined with the donors' values aligned investment approach. 

Our highly customized strategy is unique in the industry. We emphasizes socially responsible and impact investments with the client’s philanthropic interests at heart.


Create Social Change

Philanthropy (the love or wisdom of humanity) means more than writing a check. By creating a double-impact Donor Advised Fund (DAF) with Triskeles Foundation, you can ensure that your personal values and motivations are aligned with the invested resources and are put to use in ways that accomplish your charitable, tax and financial goals.

  • You may have considered establishing a private foundation, but it is much cheaper and more efficient to set up and operate a DAF        (click here to see the difference).

  • You have received an inheritance, had a liquidity event or other financial windfall and want to make gifts over time, but need a current, year-end tax deduction

  • You want to teach family members about giving over time, using a practical, flexible tool

  • You wish to be actively engaged in social change philanthropy

Why A Triskeles DAF?


What Do I Receive from Triskeles Foundation?

Contributions to a DAF at Triskeles Foundation can be made at any time throughout the donor’s life to provide funds for current and long-term needs, projects and activities.