Nonprofit Services

Triskeles Foundation provides the structure and services for the management of nonprofit reserve and endowment funds. Additionally, Triskeles Foundation can provide investment policy review/development, sustainable/impact investment training and nonprofit management and fundraising advice.



Coordinating an investment strategy with an organizational focus through aligned/sustainable investing allows nonprofit organizations to cultivate financial health while adhering to mission and operational standards.


Our collaborative approach is to co-create a portfolio for your nonprofit with mission-aligned strategies based on detailed discussions with your management, Board and finance/investment committees. Increasingly, cohesion between a nonprofit organization’s mission, programs and its investment approach reflect the fields’ views of a “best practices” strategy.

Triskeles Foundation's investment managers have decades of experience in socially responsible/impact investments.  In addition,Triskeles Foundation's professional staff and affiliates have extensive experience in all aspects of nonprofit management, fundraising, planning, growth strategies and problem solving.


Collaborative Investment and other Support Services
 Triskeles Foundation, in conjunction with our investment managers and other professional partners, provide nonprofits with investment and other support: 
  1. Customized sustainable/impact investment and management services for reserve/endowment funds offering:

  • Competitive returns

  • Thematic investment approaches

  • Utilization of carefully researched private and public impact investment options

  • Due diligence and close partnership with finance/investment committees of nonprofits