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At Triskeles Foundation, the leader in values-aligned donor advised funds and mission-based investment strategies, we’re always looking for ways to create positive impact. In partnership with our local craft coffee roasting partners at Stolen Sun, we are proud to offer Impact Coffee.


We promise that each batch of Impact Coffee will not only be absolutely delicious (handcrafted by a Master Roaster and Licensed Q Arabica Grader), but every bag sold will also help create positive impact.


Our first batch, Batch #1, focuses on gender equality. Sourced at a cooperative in Peru that empowers and promotes women grown coffee, this batch is a wonderful example of Peru's finest Arabica. Offering a medium body, beautiful acidity, rich chocolately roast character, with a sweet finish and a touch of nectar. Enjoy!

Farm Bio

Organic Peru COOPAFSI "Las Damas de San Ignacio" Fair Trade


San Ignacio, Cajamarca


1,500-1,750 masl


Typica, Mundonovo, Caturra & Catimor


Fully Washed







COOPAFSI (Cooperative Agraria “Frontera San Ignacio” Ltda) was officially established in June 1969. Gender equality was an important factor when the land was purchased and divided among producers. This particular cooperative is unique because they empower and promote “women grown” coffee.


These women contribute to the physical and sensory quality of the coffee. They are always managing new projects and developing new ways to improve the lives of their families. They focus their efforts on improving quality and delivering consistent coffee to different markets.


In 2016, a committee of women was created by the cooperative and they are responsible for distributing loans which will enable producers to improve their own land while also taking part in new developments for their kitchens, crafts and livestock. They also created a computer lab which allows all members to stay up to date with modern technology.


Batch #1

Roaster Bio

After years of perfecting his craft, Master Roaster, Coffee Expert, and Licensed Q Arabica Grader, Jonathan Zangwill opened Stolen Sun Craft Brewing and Roasting Co. in September of 2018. Luckily for Triskeles, he decided to do it in our home town of Exton! 

Jonathan travels the world sourcing for the finest ingredients in an effort to deliver customers a product experience like no other. He meets with farmers directly at the source (sometimes in the most remote of locations) to see the raw ingredients first hand and to learn about the impact on local economies, culture, and responsible production practices.

Green (un-roasted) Cherries (coffee beans) are then shipped and delivered to Stolen Sun where they are roasted on site. Below is link to a video of a fresh batch coming out of the roaster:

Prior to opening Stolen Sun, Jonathan was the Master Roaster and Engineering Project Manager for Mars Drinks where he was responsible for managing a $30MM LEED Gold Major Building Renovation and Factory Expansion. The project included management from concept to operation of a large scale coffee roasting facility.


Stolen Sun roasts Impact Coffee exclusively for Triskeles Foundation and a portion of the proceeds are donated back to support the mission of Triskeles.

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