Since our inception, Triskeles has distributed millions of dollars to hundreds of nonprofits nationally and internationally.
Our approach encourages our donors to develop their perspectives, engagement, grant-making and investing to match their values and community needs.
What are the Sustainable Development Goals

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Aligning Philanthropic Values with Investments in a Donor Advised Fund


A few of our examples:

The Community Investing Fund

This donor is knowledgeable about investing, supports progressive local, movement building nonprofits and values local, potentially high risk/high reward/high impact investments.  The Community Investing Fund therefore now holds:

·         A private fixed income investment in an early stage organic baking company that centrally includes persons coming out of incarceration as employees

·         A private equity holding in an early stage energy conservation company


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The Good Day Fund

This potential donor has a strong gender equity and environmental conservation giving orientation.  Therefore, the Good Day Fund’s investments will focus on:

·         “best of class” fossil fuel free/gender lens mutual funds across asset classes

·         Specific public equities in water/solar

·         Fixed income community loan fund notes

·         Cash (providing immediate liquidity for grant recommendations)


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