Founded in 2002, Triskeles Foundation strives to create a conscious and sustainable world through engaged philanthropy. We believe that aligning practice with purpose – at the individual level, in the community and on a global scale – can achieve a positive future.

Our Story


The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are a blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. We are committed to making a positive impact towards these goals. Whatever your values are, we can help align your charitable intent with both the underlying investments within your fund and your charitable gifts.

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The Blueprint


As a national provider of donor advised funds (DAFs), we help individuals, families, and organizations effectively reach their philanthropic goals in a simple manner.

Our Work
Our Story continued


From 2002 - 2009, Triskeles (Greek for "three legs" or activity areas) developed it's three program areas:

1) philanthropic services, including Donor Advised Funds

2) experiential youth programs

3) consulting/advisory services to support smaller nonprofits

In 2009, in order to further focus responsibilities, Triskeles realigned it activities into two separate nonprofits: Triskeles Foundations, which continues to offer Donor Advised and Organizational Funds, and Trellis For Tomorrow, which offers and develops experiential youth programs.


To co-create a  conscious and sustainable  world through engaged philanthropy.


Promote positive social change through engaged philanthropy.


We promote:

  • Innovation and flexibility 

  • Stewardship

  • Community Building and Collaboration

  • Learning and Serving

  • Recognition of the Spiritual in the Practical