For Philanthropic Advisors

Our Services include:

  • Innovative Donor Advised Funds for individuals

  • Philanthropic education, giving-plan development, values alignment workshops

  • Legacy planning with advisors

The Triskeles Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public foundation that encourages and supports charitable giving through our national Donor Advised Fund (DAF) and other philanthropic services.


Our highly customized approach allows clients to align their investments with their philanthropic values. This thematic interest of ours is unique in the industry.


Our strategy emphasizes socially responsible and impact investments with the client’s philanthropic interests at heart.

  • Building a positive future

  • Engaging individuals; enhancing community(ies)

  • Aligning money (philanthropic/investments) with deeper intentions

  • Thoughtful stewardship

The Triskeles Foundation, through our programs and services, seeks to explore and express the following themes:

Advantages when partnering with Triskeles Foundation

  • Experience working directly with Philanthropic Advisors and their clients, while respecting the trusted advisor relationship.

  • Provide Philanthropic Advisors with easy access to dedicated staff for strong customer service.

  • Ongoing collaboration with Philanthropic Advisor and their client(s); defining clear parameters around relationships, roles, and responsibilities.

  • Ease of new account opening: highly flexible and low account minimums; low costs for DAFs.

  • Partner with an organization who’s “DNA” includes socially responsible/impact investing.

  • Personal/flexible and high-touch customized service: for individuals.

  • Experience and capacity for national and international giving opportunities.

  • Highly Efficient grant distribution process.

  • Significant access to and relationship with professional advisors of all backgrounds.

  • To partner with us or to learn more, please contact us at


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