Philanthropic Education


Triskeles Foundation develops a variety of educational and collaborative programs for individuals and groups geared towards enhancing giving, developing strategies, understanding trends in the field, staying current with developments in impact/sustainable investing and other topics connected to philanthropy.

Advisory/ Philanthropic Planning Services

Triskeles can provide individuals/families support in:

  • developing a giving plan

  • understanding and working with varying family dynamics and alternative giving options

  • assessing and articulating values resulting in a philanthropic giving orientation

  • identifying potential charitable recipients for donors

  • guidance in aligning investments with philanthropic goals

  • guidance with and the development of giving practices

  • information on sustainable/impact investing, and giving trends 

Triskeles (at times with partners) offers individuals, families, organizations, and professionals a variety of training opportunities in philanthropy.


These training/educational options are in the form of webinars, workshops, talks, retreats, conferences and one on one and small group discussions.

Educational Support

Youth Philanthropy 

Triskeles Foundation provides practical, experiential training courses/modules for youth (ages 13-18) and young adult donors in:

  • values alignment/articulation

  • budgeting practice for giving

  • donor/funder circles

  • the understanding of philanthropic/charitable sectors and trends

  • selection of personal charities

  • access to resources

  • practical tools and methods for giving

  • other customized training programs